Initiative Blueprint

This activity is a way to gain alignment as a team on what it might take to get a new initiative or program up and running. This activity is most useful when done collaboratively with your transformation team, but can also be done individually. This simple sheet acts as a way to capture key questions related to an initiative, such as its core purpose, key stakeholders, and needed resources.

  • Suggested time: 45-60 mins
  • Materials: Pens, worksheet, whiteboard or large sheet of paper
  • When to use: When your team would like to create a new initiative or examine an existing initiative


  • Print out the Initiative Blueprint worksheet, or recreate the categories on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

  • Sit down with your team and start to fill out the sections of the blueprint. When you fill it out the first time, expect for there to be gaps. It is okay not to know exactly how everything will work.

  • You may need to pause filling out the worksheet to get more information and return to this activity during a follow-up meeting.

  • When you’re done, post the blueprint in a space that’s visible and accessible to the team. The worksheet nature of this exercise is designed so that your team can revisit and refine it. Consider updating it, or building a new one as your program progresses.


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